Chocolate meditation : A mind food experience
Chocolate meditation : A mind food experience
Chocolate meditation : A mind food experience
Chocolate meditation : A mind food experience
Chocolate meditation : A mind food experience

Chocolate meditation : A mind food experience


Join Us for this Mind Food Experience as 'Feed your mind candy' presents chocolate meditation in collaboration with Step inside wellbeing & The Well Bean Co

Slow down, reconnect and unwind. This workshop is about making exquisite chocolate, connecting with real ingredients but using chocolate as a tool to take some time for yourself.

What to expect:

  • Hands on making
  • mindfulness techniques
  • meditation
  • plant based chocolate themed snacks


Next Dates coming Feb 2020


Feed your Mind candy was created by the Plant Academy Founder Lauren Lovatt as a way to express and inspire better mental health through food. Bringing together pioneers in the mind food field to share a passion and expertise in lifestyle actions that feed our minds.

As well as workshops the Mind candy concept offers supper clubs, wellness experiences and collaborates with brands such as good hemp & eco age.

The Well - Bean Co
Our passion for mental wellbeing came first, then chocolate came along and gave us an opportunity to make a difference. We aren't just chocolatiers supporting mental wellbeing projects (although that would be pretty awesome in itself), we are mental wellbeing champions that believe we can bring about positive change through the chocolate we make.  
  • Create healthier food for the body and mind.
  • Raise awareness of mental health and ways to support healthier bodies and minds.
  • Provide a safe and inclusive workplace for everyone, including those with mental health problems. 
  • Support mental wellbeing projects using profits from the chocolate we sell. 

Step Inside Wellbeing
Charlotte is an applied positive psychology researcher, consultant and trainer known for her pioneering work in the field of mental fitness. She believes that wellbeing is the catalyst that enables individuals and organisations to move towards exceptional performance, optimal health and sustainable success

It was her own personal journey overcoming chronic stress, anxiety and depression that first led her to explore mindfulness and positive psychology in 2009. The changes she experienced were so inspiring that she subsequently left her long-standing career in the fashion industry to pursue an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and Mental Health First Aid Trainer qualifications.

Building upon a scientific foundation, she combines her pioneering research with her personal experience to embed wellbeing and positivity into the culture of organisations, enhancing resilience, reducing staff retention and improving performance.

Through consultancy, coaching and training programmes, including her unique X-Fit for the Mind™, she offers a creative and science-led approach to leadership and wellbeing, enabling companies to optimise their potential through engaging leadership and positive work cultures.
She is a member of the British Psychological Society, International Positive Psychology Association and has been featured in the Journal of Public Mental Health. 


Feed your Mind Candy:

These events come about through 'Feed Your Mind Candy' Inspiring better mental health through far out food. In support of Calm the Male suicide charity.