Live | Batch Cooking Workshop with Kimberly Parsons
Live | Batch Cooking Workshop with Kimberly Parsons
Live | Batch Cooking Workshop with Kimberly Parsons
Live | Batch Cooking Workshop with Kimberly Parsons
Live | Batch Cooking Workshop with Kimberly Parsons
Live | Batch Cooking Workshop with Kimberly Parsons

Live | Batch Cooking Workshop with Kimberly Parsons


We're excited to bring you a whole new side of the Plant Academy. As you'll have seen we are passionate about connecting with chefs, entrepreneurs and visionaries from across the globe to inspire passion through plants.

Amidst the uncertainty of this time we are aiming to use our platform to have a positive impact so a percentage of the proceeds from these classes will go toward supporting Made in Hackney. Made in Hackney is a charity feeding those in need in London right Now.

Workshop Description:

Now as our routines are shifted time and time again batch cooking is a magical way to stay on top of creating interesting and delicious food though the week..  

This is one of the best strategies we have found for creating healthy plant-based eating habits is setting some time aside each week to get ahead and do some meal prep. 

Learning the art of vegan batch cooking has so many time, money and stress saving rewards. It also helps you eat healthily and creates structure into your weekly schedule, plus new inspiration for the days ahead.

The Recipes

1. Roasted Whole Cauliflower

2. Garlicky Green Bean Salad 

3. Sundried Tomato Pesto

4. Chickpea Tofu Chips 

5. Creamy Vanilla Chia Pudding with berry swirls 

What you will learn: 

  • An explanation of the batch cooking method
  • Preparing your pantry
  • What you will need/kitchen equipment
  • A look at the best cooking methods used for batch cooking
  • Storage ideas for your fridge, freezer and pantry
  • How to store batch cooked foods 
  • What foods can be batch cooked and storage timings for each
  • How to utilise your freezer space
  • What items can be frozen and storage timings for each

    Kimberly Parsons: 

    Kimberly Parsons is an Australian born vegetarian chef, food writer and qualified naturopath. Her series of cookbooks titled ‘The Yoga Kitchen’ and ‘The Yoga Kitchen Plan’ teach you how to tune-in to your innate wisdom which she calls ‘body intelligence’ using traditional yogic philosophy and eating principles for long lasting, vibrant health and happiness. Once the owner of three healthy food yoga café’s dotted all over London, called ‘Retreat’, Kimberly now spends her time cooking on health retreats all over the world and resides in the English countryside where she cooks for many celebrity and private clients, delivering her bespoke Yoga Kitchen healthy meals to her clients all over London.

    About the The Yoga Kitchen Food:

    The Yoga Kitchen philosophy believes we can all correct and align our balance, energy and happiness by concentrating on what we need and reacting accordingly with the food we eat. Based on the ancient yoga chakra system that helps us navigate the connection between our inner- and outer-worlds, creating an alignment through a set of seven portals, which we move between throughout our lives. 

    The Yoga Kitchen has been inspired by Kimberly's journey through yoga and the synergy she sees between yoga and her own naturopathic practice. "I believe that if our health is to be transformed, the process must begin from within. Integration of mind, body and energy makes healing possible. It is not enough to simply understand what needs to be done without action and it is not enough to move without understanding of what needs to be moved. It is the integration of these two actions that can create long- lasting health and can bring change into our lives. In the same vein, the food choices we make throughout our lives need to be in balance with our emotional needs and overall bodily functions.


    This Class has now taken Place but you can purchase the recipe and full video via the option below.