Raw Cake Masterclass X Amy Levin
Raw Cake Masterclass X Amy Levin
Raw Cake Masterclass X Amy Levin
Raw Cake Masterclass X Amy Levin
Raw Cake Masterclass X Amy Levin
Raw Cake Masterclass X Amy Levin

Raw Cake Masterclass X Amy Levin


Amy Levin is the true master of raw desserts and we are thrilled to welcome her to The Plant Academy. 

Raw baking works along the same principles as cooked; you use the same key ingredients in varied balance to achieve specific results. Be that cakes and pies or cookies and doughnuts. It’s all about knowing the balance of ingredients and how to re-arrange them to meet your needs.

As the world becomes more health conscious, many of us are steering away from gluten and wheat products. Raw cakes are becoming more and more popular as the “alternate” birthday or wedding cake. However it always shocks me that most people think raw cakes are really hard to make.

I get it, we’ve all been to that cafe and ordered that raw cake that was too sweet, too heavy, too gooey (or dry) where the flavours are just over the top.

The reality is raw cakes are easy to make because they are more forgiving than cooked cakes. Raw cake making is not as much as a science as cooked cakes, if it’s too soft, you add more dry stuff, if it’s too hard you add more wet stuff, if it doesn’t set solid enough you can adjust it there and then without much consequence. Those things cannot be said of cooked cakes.

The trick to mastering raw cake making is knowing what to add when and how to adjust the recipes accordingly. Once you have this information, you’re really unstoppable!

That’s why this class is about educating you on the fundamental core ingredients so you can better understand how they work together in various ways to create different results. This class is perfect for absolute beginners and avid bakers alike.

What we cover in class

  • Learn how to create a variety of bases for your desserts, including a rich brownie, mini tart shells and ‘baked’ layer cakes.
  • Flavour balancing is a crucial part of being a chef of any kind and it’s, in part, what will make your desserts stand out from others. We’ll explore this in class so you know how what to add for that flavour pop and a well rounded dessert.
  • We’ll get into some simple fermentation by fermenting cashews, for some of our desserts, using different starter liquids to encourage more depth of flavour and nutritional properties through the fermentation process.
  • Add crunch, flavour and texture by incorporating candied nuts, seeds and/or coconut into your desserts. Not only do they work as beautiful garnishes but adding texture makes your cakes infinitely more exciting to the palate bite after bite.
  • The fermented creams work amazingly well for piping, similar to a traditional buttercream, and we’ll get into some modern decorating in the class.
  • Save a load of money by creating your own stunning cakes for special occasions.
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of raw cake making to avoid simple mistakes at home.
  • Meet and mingle with like minded people having conversations that captivate, inform and inspire you towards great health.

Because most of us are practical learners, these classes are as hands on as possible, about 60%.

I will work through the basics of raw cake making, so you understand how the ingredients work (and don’t work) and what proportions you should use (this is essential!).

If you’re an absolute beginner, you will leave the class equipped with several base recipes that will act as a starting point for dozens of desserts. You’ll be able to mix and match cakes with icings, make them into single or multi layered cakes and add unique, delicious garnishes to make them pop visually and add complexity of flavour to each bite.

If you’ve been experimenting with raw desserts and cakes for a while and want to get some practical advice and troubleshoot any issues you’ve had in the past, this class will give you the opportunity to get all your questions answered and get you hands on with the new techniques in class so you can start building your cupboard with the right ingredients and tools to get going once you’re home.

We’ll make 3 desserts using different techniques in each one. The images on this page are what we will make in class.

After class you’ll be sent a pdf of the class book with all recipes made in class.

Date : Dates coming 2020

with lunch by the Plant Academy

About Amy

Amy Levin is the world’s leading raw chocolatier. Her expertise in raw chocolate is unparalleled as she consistently breaks boundaries in the raw chocolate and dessert arena.

Amy is a classically trained professional chef who found her way into vegan and vegetarian raw food in 2004 while training to be a holistic health counsellor at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

After working for several of the UK’s most respected raw food & chocolate companies, Amy was able to apply that new found talent and knowledge to her role as Senior Sous and Pastry Chef to World Renowned Executive Chef, Chad Sarno (co-author of “Crazy Sexy Kitchen”with Kris Carr and co-founder of Wicked Healthy) at Saf London & Munich during their opening years.

With over 16 years experience as a professional raw chef and 9 years specialising in raw chocolates and desserts, Amy leads the way when it comes to empowering people with the tools needed to forge their own path in the world of raw chocolate and desserts. Amy has a way of tapping into her students individual passion, and helping them ignite the flame that carries them along the journey of self discovery and self expression.

Amy has been teaching her signature Raw Chocolate classes since 2009, teaches various raw food classes throughout the UK, Europe and North America and consults with businesses who wish to implement only the very best raw chocolates and desserts into their menu/product line.